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Bosslady Nameplate Necklace

A woman's neck is an intricate, delicate place. The way you wear your hair, the jewelry you choose to wear, and even the way you present yourself all say something about who you are. And when it comes to presenting yourself, it's important to choose a piece of jewelry that speaks to who you are and what you're trying to say. That's why our "boss lady" necklace is a favorite of many who love to put their best face forward.
Product Description

Stainless steel

Nickel and lead free

Hypoallergenic and tarnish free

Jewelry Care


At DEETS JEWELRY, we aspire to deliver the highest quality possible, however all jewelry can be preserved longer with a little care. Please avoid getting bleach, sanitizer, greasy creams etc on jewelry that can be highly acidic and eat away at plating. The jewelry will not turn your skin "Green" but the more it is exposed to chemicals the quicker the color will fade away. By following jewelry care you should see no signs of wear for up to 3months. If jewelry gets wet, simply pat it dry with a towel to prevent rings slipping off or earrings becoming loose.


We recommend that you use a soft lint free cloth to carefully wipe your items, which will ideally keep your jewelry shining for longer.


Some pieces can be quite delicate and dainty, so we recommend that you handle them with love when fastening and removing them. It is also ideal to store your jewelry in a cool, dry place where the metal cannot react.


Our jewelry is non tarnish unless stated otherwise in the description. These little steps can help maintain it at a high standard for a longer period time.

Shipping & Returns

At DEETS Jewelry, we have 24-48 hours to process your order. You will
be notified with tracking number when your order is shipped. The amount
of time before the package is received is between 4-10 days.